Our main product is the TDR200 Rotor Reflectometer, which uses the RSO (Recurrent Surge Oscilloscope) method to detect faults in power turbogenerator alternator rotor windings. It replaces our original TDR100 version, which displayed the test waveforms on an analogue or digital oscilloscope and was previously manufactured by our associate company, Convex Design Ltd. (CDL).

The TDR200 is similar to the original TDR100 model, but has an additional high-resolution digital interface, which displays the rotor waveforms directly on the screen of a laptop PC. Consequently, a portable oscilloscope and/or camera are no longer required to carry out the test. However, the TDR200 can be used with an oscilloscope if a PC is not available, in which case its operation is identical to that of the original TDR100 instrument.

To view a Powerpoint Presentation which explains the basic principles of the RSO test method, please click here.

For full information about the TDR200 Rotor Reflectometer, please click here.


News Update March 2019

We now have a working prototype Rotor Flux Monitor (RFM200) for detecting rotor winding faults by analysing the output of seach coils installed in the air gaps of large electricity generators. This is an updated version of the original RFM100 instrument which was previously supplied by Convex Design Ltd. Details of this equipment can be found on our Support page.